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06 – 10 May 2024 (1 slots available)

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Take your passion around the world!

The I.K.O. they will allow you to start a new career in the world of professional kitesurfing, to really live your dream. With your I.K.O instructor license you can work in schools around the world, being the only internationally recognized kite instructor license.

PKS, for over 10 years, has been collaborating with I.K.O to offer all people who dream of being able to work in the world of kitesurfing the possibility of being able to really change their lives, making their dreams come true.

That’s why, if your dream is to turn your passion for the sea and the wind into your job, this is the right place.


What can an I.K.O instructor course offer you?

I.K.O. certifies Instructors since 2001 and is present in 39 countries around the world. More than 16,000 Assistants and Instructors and over 650,000 kiters have been trained and certified following IKO guidelines and courses.It offers a reliable and professional training program and is the only internationally recognized certification.

With the IKO instructor course you will get the qualification of I.K.O. Instructor 1st level that will allow you to work in a kitesurf school or as an independent instructor anywhere in the world.

Che tipo di brevetto otterrai?

You will be able to obtain the certification of Assistant Instructor I.K.O. (A.T.C. course) and subsequently the international license as I.K.O. Instructor level 1 (I.T.C. + Medic First Aid course).


In order to participate in the I.T.C course, it is mandatory to have obtained the certification as Assistant Instructor (A.T.C.)


Where does the course take place?

The course is organized at the PKS Tenerife school in El Médano, on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Which are the benefits of becoming an I.K.O Instructor?

  • Access to the professional area on the website
  • Access to job offers and propose yourself in the job search / offer area
  • Possibility to purchase insurance dedicated exclusively to teaching
  • Have a personal page to manage and publish your Professional profile visible to all on the I.K.O site to be tracked by your potential students
  • Buy products with special prices

What are the prerequisites to participate in the I.K.O. course?

  • Be at least 18 years old (for the A.T.C. to be at least 16 y.o.)
  • Be a certified IKO Kiteboarder Level 4 or have an equivalent level (jump,jump transition, jibe, tack and grab, ride toe-side, ride upwind, recover the board in deep water, complete a rider recovery while body dragging, make a self-rescue in deep water, self-launch, which are all evaluated during the I.T.C.). 
  • The riding skills will be evaluated during the I.T.C. – so no worries if you are not already been certified IKO Level 4
  • Being able to swim for 200 meters 
  • Have a valid MFA First Aid or CPR certificate or have committed to obtain it during the next I.T.C. course
  • Be able to read and write in the language of the course (English)
  • Sign the release form.
  • It is better to have your own equipment available: kite, board, harness, helmet, life jacket and impact jacket. Alternatively, you can use the one from the school during the course.

Do you want to become an I.K.O instructor? There are only 8 places available

To guarantee a high quality standard, I.K.O. requires that the number of participants cannot exceed 8, for this reason the places are very limited.

The available places will be booked based on the order of payment of the registration fee.

Call us now or fill out the form below to request more information and book your seat

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