Pks Tenerife wingfoil courses:

our instructors are IWO Certified (International Wing Organization).

During every course, we will use the BBtalkin radios to communicate with the instructor.


Private Teacher

All levels

Single lesson

  • €140: 2 hours


  • €195: Starter pack (1 hour + 2 hours)
  • €340: Pack 3 lessons (5 hours)
  • €580: Pack 5 lessons (9 hours)


  • €380: Pack 3 lessons (5 hours)
  • €590: Pack 5 lessons (9 hours)

Semi-private lesson

All levels

  • €270: 1 lesson 3 hours (135 euro per person)
  • €790: 3 lessons 9 hours (395 euros per person)

Advanced lesson

Intermediate to advanced level

Each lesson will be recorded for video analysis purposes

  • €160:2 hours


All levels

  • €90:2 hours

Do you have your own equipment?

If you decide to travel with your own equipment, the Pks Tenerife wingfoil lessons will cost you €25 less.

Do you need to rent the equipment?

If you decide to travel at the absolute minimum but don’t want to miss the chance to wingfoil in such a beautiful location,Pks Tenerife provides you with the chance to rent all you need.

Maximum Safety

The beach is equipped with emergency vehicles (jet ski) to provide you with maximum safety at every moment. Your safety is our number one priority.


Six things to know before you start the PKS Tenerife wingfoil course:

  • Winfgfoil is a sport accessible to all, but having some basic knowledge provided to you by qualified instructors is essential. Being self-taught could be potentially dangerous for you and for other people.
  • Wingfoil is the most immediate sport, especially if compared to windsurfing and kiting. You will learn its principles in a few hours.
  • You will need at least 11 knots to have the best experience. Unlike windsurfing, wingfoil doesn’t work under 5 knots because it can’t generate any lift.
  • Before going into the water, take some moments to learn more about the spot. Check out if there are dangers, like rocks or closed areas, how the wind blows, how the waves move, and the other people around you. Remember to always check out if there is a channel for launch to enter and leave the sea.
  • Always check out the state of your equipment, especially if you haven’t used it for a long time. Before storing it, carefully wash it with clean water.
  • Depending on the position of the foil in relation to the board, the way it works will be different. If you move the foil towards the bow, you will have a more powerful upward push, and it will be easier to let the board rise from the water –- but you will have less control. If you move the foil towards the aft, you will gain more control but less lift.

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